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You’re a 60 year old retiree, you’ve split from your wife, and worst of all, you’ve downgraded to an apartment and no longer have a garage, backyard or shed to tinker around in. Lucky there are still places you can go to be a bloke.

They’re called men’s sheds – community spaces offering fully-equipped workshops where men can go to work on either personal or community projects, and connect with other men. And they’ve been reported to have huge benefits to the wellbeing of the men who participate, their families and their communities.

With family breakdown on the rise, longer retirements becoming more and more common place and traditional community networks on the decline, isolation, loneliness and depression are looming as major health issues for Australian men. Men’s sheds help address these issues by helping men connect with friends, feel productive and valuable in their communities, and maintain an active body and active mind.

For more information on men’s sheds or to locate one in your area, visit here.