Car share pick-up point, GoGet

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A new concept in personal transport, car sharing is growing in popularity across Sydney and Melbourne, with more and more people attracted to it as a cheaper, greener alternative to owning a car.

Car sharing gives you temporary access to a car when you need it. After you’ve signed-up to a car sharing organisation all you need to do is book a car online or by phone, walk to a car sharing pick-up point, use your special swipe car to open the car and drive away. Then when you’re done you bring it back to the same spot for the next driver.

Bruce Jeffreys, co-founder of car sharing service GoGet, believes car sharing can be a lifestyle improvement for many people.

“GoGet is all about having the fun and convenience of driving brand new cars without the costs and hassles of ownership. In fact many members find it better than owning a car because you get to use different types of cars for different trips and you don’t have to worry about a car when you don’t need one.”

This takes the stress out of owning a car because you don’t have to find car parks, pay for a mechanic when things go wrong or upgrade your car every few years. And because with car sharing you only pay for a car when you use it and not for insurance, petrol, maintenance or repairs, let alone repayments, people who don’t use their car  frequently can save a lot of money.

“Car sharing is a good option for anyone who has a car they don’t use every day, especially people who can get to work without driving. That could be someone who catches the train to work and needs a car on the weekends, or a family that may need a second car from time to time. We also have a lot of businesses who use GoGet to save money instead of owning a fleet vehicle,” says Jeffreys.

Car sharing also has environmental benefits, taking cars off the road when they aren’t needed, and replacing out-of date cars with newer more fuel efficient models.

“Each GoGet car is used by 20-25 members,” says Jeffreys “And on average each car means over nine cars are sold or not bought by members.”

To find a car share near you visit the following companies’ websites:

GoGet is available in Sydney across the inner city and from Maroubra to Pittwater and out to Parramatta. In Melbourne they have a network from South Melbourne through the CBD to Northcote and Brunswick. They also operate in the Adelaide CBD.

Flexicars live on suburban streets in Melbourne and Sydney, including Brunswick, St Kilda, Manly and Surry Hills.