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According to Autism Spectrum Australia, autism and related disorders affect one in 160 children born in Australia today. But despite its high incidence, it remains largely misunderstood by the community.

“One way the community can support people and families living with autism is to reserve judgement and accept that people can be, and are, different from each other,” Communications spokesperson for Autism Spectrum Australia, Lauren Tanfield.

“For example, we may witness a child getting upset in a supermarket and be quick to label the child as being ‘naughty’. But for all we know that child may have autism and be reacting to some stimuli in the environment that the rest of us don’t even notice,” explains Lauren.

“Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which remains largely misunderstood by the community despite its prevalence and far-reaching consequences. Being more understanding is something we can all do to really help.”

The following podcasts published in the New York Times give insight into the minds of people living with autism. Click here to listen.