[tweetmeme only_single=false http://www.URL.com%5DWe all know happy, healthy people make better employees. So it’s no surprise more and more employers are introducing wellness programs into the workplace. And these days they come in all different shapes and sizes. 

Yoga Concepts offers corporate yoga and pilates

Take Jane Ribinska’s Yoga Concepts for example – an online yoga studio offering a range of corporate wellness solutions including workplace yoga, pilates and meditation.  

During her 25 years in Human Resources, Jane’s colleagues were constantly asking her how she remained calm under pressure. With Yoga Concepts she strives to share her secret with others. 

“I started Yoga Concepts as part of a vision to make a positive difference, and share with others the wisdom and knowledge I had learnt over time that changed my life on a physical, psychological and emotional level,” explains Jane. 

“When these areas are balanced it improves life quality on a personal and career level.” 

As well as on and offsite yoga and pilates programs, Yoga Concepts offers customised corporate solutions including healthy cooking, calmness, nutrition, healthy back awareness and healthy heart sessions, along with personal development and cultural change workshops. Their online yoga studio offers videos and personal development audios that can be streamed by staff from their website 24-hours a day. 

“This wellness toolkit is perfect for staff who travel a lot for business or are very busy and can’t make regular classes as they are still able to sustain their wellbeing needs at a time that suits them personally.” 

According to Jane, these programs reduce stress and increase productivity and staff retention. 

“Organisations have commented about improved productivity, staff moral and retention, and have noticed staff becoming more flexible and positive about moving forward with change,” she says. 

Latin Dance Australia offers corporate salsa classes

Robert Glasson-Wilesmith Program Manager at Brisbane Martial Arts Centre, BTC, agrees. “A fit and healthy lifestyle brings productivity up and sick leave down,” he says. 

BTC offers corporate martial arts, team building and parenting programs, as well as motivational courses. “The team building skills employees learn in class, they take back into the workplace,” he says. 

“Sometimes we fall in a rut at work and every day is Groundhog Day. We cater to people of all shapes and sizes to reduce stress in a fun and stimulating environment.” 

On the other end of the spectrum, corporate dance classes are also taking off, with companies like Latin Dance Australia, offering team-building salsa classes. 

“The general aim is to get employees to step out of their comfort zone in front of each other, interact in one-on-one dancing, and have fun, ” says LDA Director Nestor Manuelian. 

“We also get everyone to dance with everyone so it puts everyone from the highest level to lowest level in the same playing field.” 

Nestor believes this helps build stronger employees relationships, lifts company moral and ultimately increases productivity. 

“This experience is fun-filled and high energy, and will definitely leave your staff an a great high.”

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Yoga Concepts 


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