[tweetmeme only_single=false http://www.URL.com]October 17-22 is anti-poverty week – an Australian expansion of the UN’s annual International Anti-Poverty Day created to strengthen public understanding of poverty, and encourage individuals, organisations and governments to take action to address it.

In Australia poverty and severe hardship affect more than a million people, while around the world more than one billion people are desperately poor.*

what can I do?
If you want to contribute to change, this week is your opportunity to get involved by organising an activity or joining in one that is already planned. The activity can be as big or small as you like – it’s only limited by your imagination.

Some ideas are to:

• Write a letter to your newspaper or MP
• Organise a film night to focus on issues of poverty
• Hold a meal with friends to discuss issues of poverty
• Hold a fund-raiser at work
• Blog or write about issues of poverty
• Set-up an anti-poverty display at work, school, or library
• Donate or volunteer to a charity that helps reduce poverty

Or to join in an activity near you click here

beyond anti-poverty week
If helping reduce poverty is important to you, there are plenty of things you can do on an ongoing basis from volunteering, making regular donations, campaigning or even setting up a trust or foundation in your Will. Click here for more details.