[tweetmeme only_single=false http://www.URL.com%5DThese days it’s becoming increasingly popular to change careers later on in life in the search for something more meaningful and fulfilling.

But mid-life, or even retirement age career changes often take more courage than those in our twenties and thirties. We’re older, we have more at stake, and the grey ceiling can make switching jobs more difficult.

The good news is: for many of us these fears pale in comparison to the opportunity to do something meaningful with the second part of our lives. And with a bit of careful planning: it’s possible to find a career that is both fulfilling and practical.

The following articles are a great place to get started:

  • A 14-step plan by about.com to make your career transition manageable and help you re-envision the second half of your life
  • Four strategies from What’sNext for choosing the direction of your career change, including putting together the right team of supporters and advisers
  • Our earlier post discussing zenployment, or the quest for a new career that is more in line with you goals and values

You may also like to check-out this video by Paul Clitheroe discussing career choices  and the need for careful planning.

Or if you need a helping hand, feel free to come and see us.